The new leadership in the state has been running battles with the 18 local governments in the state.

Since he assumed office as the sixth Executive Governor of the state, Rotimi Akeredolu’s body language has been discomfort with the local government chairmen elected under the platform of the PDP last year and would be in office till the end of their tenure in 2019.

He has every reason to be wary of them, as most  of them belong to the former ruling party in the state, the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) and without having the support of the chairman, things will not move smoothly in terms of administration in the state.

The opposition party, now the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), had boycotted the election conducted few months to the then governorship election in the state, describing it as a distraction.

On assumption of office, the Governor approached the Court of Appeal to upturn the judgment of an Ondo State High Court barring the State Government from dissolving the local governments in the state.

The 18 local government Chairmen and Councillors, led by their Chairman, Mr. David Alarapon, Chairman , Akure South Local government, got a ruling that the state government, either by their agents or servants, had no right to remove the elected officials until their tenure lapsed.

While the case is still in court, the Governor froze the accounts of the council and removed the names of the Council Secretaries from its official list.

Sunshine Searchlight call for caution by all parties involved. All must be subjected to the rule of law.

The Governor is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and is a man who has lived his life by the rule of law.

We would therefore urge the Governor to defreeze the accounts of the local governments and allow them perform their statutory duties, as were legally elected into office.

The present freezing of their accounts, is sending a wrong system to a government not yet a month in office.

The Local Government Chairmen too, must be cautious in their utterances and actions. They must be matured and abide by the rule of law in fighting their cause.

The state has been very peaceful in the last few years and this enabled the out gone government record remarkable successes.

The present administration has started well with the payment of February salary of its aggrieved workers while pledging to sustain this payment and working out modalities to offset the arrears.

On the same cautious note, government must tread the path slowly with timber operators. The outright ban of these timber people from operating on the basis of trying to control illegality is certainly not acceptable.

A formal meeting of stakeholders should have been called before taking such a total action.

Legitimate operators cannot be punished with those operating illegally, that is why there is the need for caution on the matter.

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