Chairman of the South West Governors Forum, Rotimi Akeredolu, has reiterated the call for State Police as a strategy for enabling states secure their areas of jurisdiction.

Speaking at his second term inauguration at the International Event Centre (The Dome ) in Akure, he stated that , “The primary responsibility of any government is the security of lives and property of its citizens. We are of the firm belief that it is high time the police central command became devolved to the federating units for effective monitoring. We have been relentless in advocating for the establishment of state police. There can’t be another way if we are indeed serious about securing lives and property “.

“It is this incongruity which propelled the southwest governors to form a Regional Security Network codenamed Amotekun. “The ultimate is to convince others to understand that devolution of authority is inexorable. Every state must be allowed to secure its space “.

Akeredolu explained that Amotekun in the region had done very well in its short period of existence.

“It has been able to work within the law establishing it. Its operations and successes recorded justify its establishment.

The Governor reassured the people of the region of the preparedness of the governors to protect lives and property in their states.

“We are not paying mere lip service to this avowal. It is a priority. There cannot be prosperity in an unsecured environment. My second term not for relaxation “.

Governor Akeredolu assured the people of the state that his second term in office would not be for relaxation, as more effort would be put into governance to meet the peoples high expectations.

“The second term, for us, is not a time for relaxation. We are not under any illusion that it will be easy. We are, however, ready to proceed on the journey…”.

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