One of  Britain’s most respected doctors or Dr Hilary Jones, who is also health editor for ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Lorraine – is back once again, reacting to the fact that hot drinks can kill the corona virus, has said that , ‘’ There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in that, unfortunately. People are reading all sorts of information and perhaps they have got this from the fact the virus is affected by high temperatures. But hot drinks would have no effect on the virus in the eyes and nose, which is often where it gets in. There is also no evidence hot drinks could prevent the virus or make it more mild’’.

Also responding to wildly held belief that  ultra violet light from the sun  can help stop the coronavirus. ‘’ Ultraviolet light can weaken and kill the virus because UV radiation can destroy lots of microorganisms. That is why it is OK for people to go out in the fresh air and exercise — but not in groups of more than two people from the same household. But if you already have the virus in your nose and throat UV light won’t have any effect ‘’.

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