She is pretty, intelligent, hardworking, yet unassuming. Dr Bola Adekoya (FWACS, FMCOphth, MSc PHEC), hails from Ondo town, Ondo State . Her father is from Ondo town and mother, Ile Oluji and is a Senior Lecturer at the Lagos State University College of Medicine ( LASUTH) and Consultant Ophthalmologist, at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) .
She had her primary education at Awosika Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Ondo and later St Ambrose Grammar School, also in Ondo town, for her secondary education. She moved over to far away University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Kwara State for her undergraduate medical training. Post graduate medical training in Ophthalmology was in the same institution, where she showed the stuff she is made off, by graduating as one of the best in her class. She went through interlude in Ekiti and at LASUTH.
Bola repeated this outstanding feat, when she went for her Masters degree In Public Health for Eye Care (MSc PHEC), from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as she again graduated with distinction.
She was inspired to study medicine by her father. “When I wanted to fill my JAMB form, my dad encouraged me to choose medicine. Although, I had thought of it, I never really gave it full consideration. So it was in 1992, that I gained admission into UNILORIN to study medicine. It was interesting and fulfilling.”
Our female amazon said restoration of sight to those with sight problems gives her much fulfillment and joy. She talks more on the human personality and sight. She says there are different causes of blindness , with over 80 per cent being avoidable. A major cause is cataract of the eyes. This is the clouding of lens of the eyes. It is something that is curable only by surgery. Another cause which is common and preventable glaucoma. This is symptomless and the victim does not know till it is late and vision lost as a result of glaucoma, cannot be restored. This is why we encourage people to check their sight once or twice a year.

Dr. Adekoya has always used every opportunity to educate the people on issues of blindness and how to prevent it. “My talking to you is one of such avenues. I believe a lot of people will read your newspaper. Also, when we are invited to talk on television or radio, we use that medium to educate people as well”.
Responding to questions on the existence of the common phenomenon of spiritual blindness, she says, “I think we should leave that to the spiritualists. As far as science is concerned, if someone is blind, there is a cause. Take the issue of glaucoma, like I said before, it is symptomless, the eyes will look normal and such a person may wake up one day and discover there is something wrong with the eyes and the person goes blind, they will they say it is spiritual”.

She is a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCOphth 2006) and of the West African College of Surgeon (FWACS 2007).
She is married with children.

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