The Economic sector, has been allocated N87.5bn, representing 50.1 per cent of the budget.

11.3 per cent went to the Administration sector, Law and Justice sector received 2.7 per cent, the Social sector got 33 percent and Regional sector was allocated 2.6 per cent.

Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Emmanuel Igbasan, noted that, “As a matter of deliberate policy measure, the education sector was given the much-desired attention, to enhance the human capital capacity in the state. To this end, it was given the highest allocation in terms of new projects. However, because of the avalanche of on-going infrastructure projects and the need to pay contractors as obligations fall due, the total allocation to infrastructure remains the highest at 21.19 per cent “.

“The health sector received the next highest allocation to enable the state contend with the rampaging COVID -19 pandemic and other emerging health issues.”

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