Olugbo of Ode Olugbo and Chairman, Ondo State Council of Obas and Chiefs , Oba Akinruntan, has stated that one of the greatest achievements of his ten years on the throne, was the restoration of peace to ilaje community. 

“One of the greatest achievements I always cherish is our ability to restore peace in Ilaje community. Before I came to the throne, it was crisis and restiveness everyday, you will be hearing sporadic gun shot at every corner. Bad boys laid siege everywhere and hardly you see people coming home, not to talk of coming to develop this community. But that has changed. There is peace everywhere now and that’s why you can see new houses springing up.

He equally noted with pride land strides taken in the education of his people. “I have also done a lot to encourage our youths to embrace Western education. Many of them think fishing is the only way of life but that is changing with some schemes we introduced including scholarship we gave them through Obat Foundation. Our youths are very critical to our development agenda because they are the future leaders. And once they are educated, it will be difficult for anybody to use them for selfish reasons.”

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