Governor Olusegun Mimiko took his campaign on safe motherhood to the international community as a model to be adopted for developing countries. Addressing the United Nations General

Assembly in New York on the ‘Abiye’ Safe Motherhood success story, he said African leaders must be ready to commit needed resources to combat maternal and infant mortality , twin primary sources of
dysfunction in family and economic development.
The Ondo State Governor said committing resources entails the possession of the political will and disposition to effect change. “We
cannot continue to give the absence of resources as excuse for the worrisome state of infant and maternal mortality in Africa. All we
need to do is to accept the fact that tackling the set of scourge is as important as, if not more important than, the most prioritised
engagement of government”.

Mimiko told his listeners that his administration’s ‘Abiye’ initiative, was embarked on as a government financed health care initiative when faced with mind boggling figures of mortality in the state. He said he and his colleagues vowed that pregnancy will no longer be a death sentence in the state and thus commenced a comprehensive intervention process that has yielded noticeable results. According to him, from a novel process of tracking pregnant women through ICT tools, to providing care and access at all stages of pregnancy to delivery and five weeks after, government has provided care at no cost to the woman nor her family at the point of care. By this development, he enthused that numerous lives have been saved .

Dr Mimiko explained that the safe motherhood initiative is hinged on three basic principles, namely; tracking of the pregnant women from  conception to delivery; opening the health care sector for universal and free access and allocation of resources in the most efficient and equitable manner.

He said the adoption of the confidential enquiry initiative into tracking deaths of pregnant women, has provided the verifiable proof that maternal mortality figures are indeed falling in the state.

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