The National Institute for Education Planning and Administration (NIEPA), Nigeria, conceived by the Federal Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNESCO-HEP paris, is a sub-regional staff college with the main operational mandate and mission of developing a critical mass of education sector planners and managers , for effective and efficient planning and management of the educational system, through capacity building, continuous training, monitoring, evolutional and educational planning and management information dissemination.
With a relatively small bureaucracy, it is made up of consultants and a large repertoire of highly experienced national consultants drawn from UNESCO-HEP, Paris, France, Nigerian universities and the private sector organizations.
Located in Ondo town, Ondo State, Nigeria, along Laje Road, NIEPA, has the advantage of a permanent site that   is free from the hustle and bustle of commercial activities of ondo town. This advantage provides a serene and  conducive environment for research and training. The permanent site with aesthetics, accommodating and catering for over One hundred and twenty (120) guests at a time, an equivalent of a three star hotel environment.
To develop a critical mass of education sector planners & managers for the effective and efficient planning and management of education systems through capacity building, continous training, research and information dissemination.

The vision is to empower the education sector planning and managers with appropriate skills and techniques for effective and efficient operation .
The institute’s philosophy is to transmit the essential knowledge and practical know-how required to build educational planning, management, monitoring and evaluation in Nigeria. The philosophy is based on the need to produce seasoned, articulate, well grounded and technically skilled education managers and school administrators , who are to work towards the production of quality, relevance and efficiency in all ties of the educational system.
1 The provision of specialized and relevant planning skills for Nigerians;
2 The provision of education management and development activities like training, consultancy, research and development:
3 The continuing professional development of practitioners through planning and implementing training programs directed at equipping and enhancing the competence of services to educational planning and Administration.

The institute is currently having a working relationship with the Universal basic Education (UBEC). The intervention of the institute is mainly in the area of managerial skills development which aims at Reinforcing capacity of local level management of the Universal basic Education ( UBE) programs. Many capacity development programs have been carried out by the institute through workshops, seminars and conferences. Some of these capacity building efforts include:
1 Training of UBEC and State Adviser, their Managers and Coordinators as well as UBEC and National Projects Coordinators unit officials in collaboration with DFID/ CUBE.
2 Development of (6) training manual for training of head teachers of Child-Friendly Schools and conducting of training workshops for head teachers in collaboration with UNICEF.
3 Collaboration with UNESCO/UBEC in the preparation of training package to reinforce capacity for the local level management/implementations of the Universal basic Education (UBE) Programs to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the program in Nigeria.
4 Training on Educational Management Information

Systems (EMIS) Monitoring and Evaluation for Strategic Planning in Education for Local Government Authorities (LGEA) officials in Oyo State.
5 Training workshop for principals, vice principals and education managers of junior secondary schools in Ondo State.
6 Training workshop to build the capacity of School Basic Management Committee (SBMC) members on whole School of Development Planning (WSDP) Manual in collaboration with UNISEF in Oyo, Niger, Imo and Kano State.
7 National Workshops on Accelerating the Education Sector response of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and NIEPA in collaboration with NACA World bank, DFID, UNICEF to train representatives from all 36 States in Nigeria.
8 Capacity Building of UBEC/NPCU Staff (headquarters) on Consultancy Management.
9 National Workshop for Accelerating the Education Sector Response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
10 The Institute in Collaboration with UNICEF organized a workshop to Develop Draft handbook, Advocacy leaflets and posters for promoting child friendliness in Nigeria Primary Schools held at D’Rovans Hotel Ibadan.
11 Training Workshop to develop the capacity of UBEP State Advisers and their Coordinators held at NIEPA, Ondo Workshop on Career Development and Skills Acquisition for Better performance for ondo State Secondary School Principals.

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