The Head of Service, Ondo State, Toyin Akinkuotu and his colleagues from the South West Nigeria have warned against the politization of the post of Permanent Secretary.

According to them, the post is to sacrosanct to be toyed with by enabling non career public servants occupy it, hence it should continue to be occupied by career civil servants.

Speaking at the 5th Forum of Heads of Service, South West Nigeria, in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, they urged states to present position papers at the on going National Conference on this issue and others that would energise the civil service for better productivity.

They also called for the non politization of the civil service, in order to entrench the culture of meritocracy and capacity building in the public service.

The Heads of Service express worry on the epileptic power supply in the country and said the panacea lies in Independent Power Projects ( IPP) under the privatization policy.

The body equally sought for the appointment of retired retired Heads of Service into strategic boards and commissions as the civil service commission , local government service commissions etc.

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