Governor Olusegun Mimiko has disclosed that his refusal to join the opposition, expansionist tendency and the desire to annex Ondo State to their treasure-throve, rather than any desire to develop it , were the prime reasons why their leaders to capture the state at all cost.
Mimiko who was in Ile-Oluji, headquarters of Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo local government area of the state, in continuation of his campaign tour for the October 20 governorship election, where he addressed a mega rally, told the people that the desire by a particular political party to annex Ondo State, was to include it in their flagging empire it is attempting to build in the South West.
The Governor however, warned that the opposition should perish the thought of ever capturing the state and assured them of a resounding defeat on October 20. He was particularly miffed that they had been boasting that they would take over the governance of the state, a statement which he described as arrogant, a slur and an affront on a highly sophisticated and enlightened people as those in Ondo State. He posited that Ondo people are not animals that could be captured and caged as the opposition are posturing. He however, assured them that the people were waiting for them at the polling units during the election, to make a resounding statement for freedom, as opposed to neo-colonialism, democracy as against oligarchy and rule of an emperor.

The Governor accompanied by his wife, Olukemi, National Chairman, Labour Party (LP), Chief Dan Nwanyawu and other top LP chieftains, also stated that none of the opposition parties had said that he has not performed but that they were only out to take over the state for obvious reasons.“They did not say I have not performed, in fact, they acknowledged that Ondo State is working. But they said I should come and join their party and we told them that the people have not asked us to join any political party, as the Labour Party is doing fine, they then threatened to make the state ungovernable and capture it if we did not join them. But let me warn that they should remember the fates of the boastful in history; God abhors the boastful. They are haughty and want to ride roughshod on our people and add them to their empire. But I can assure them that God will thwart their evil plans and they shall fail”.

He therefore urged the people to keep faith with him, noting that electioneering promises he made to the people of Ile-Oluji three and a half years ago, had been fulfilled, as there are hardly any community in the area that he had not commissioned life-changing projects. He assured that if re-elected, he would continue to maintain the connection which his government has established with the people of the State and work towards a greater and better Ondo State.
The national Chairman of the LP, Chief Nwanyawu in his address pointedly urged the people to reject those who want to export their commonwealth to their godfathers in Lagos and Osogbo saying that they had no good plans other than to destroy all the good legacies of the State which Dr Mimiko had consolidated upon and which had placed Ondo State on the world map.
“They have promised to give you 30,000 jobs; it is all lies. It never worked in Imo State where such a thing was mooted before and it has not worked anywhere; it is all a ruse to get your vote. And whatever employment papers tissue papers; there is nobody who can give you real jobs than a performing Governor like Mimiko.

“Please, beware of them; they are already buying votes by mopping up your voters’ cards with a few naira notes. Do not allow them to buy your power. In this election, you, the people, will decide who will be your governor and the Governor of Ondo cannot be chosen by Lagos or Osogbo; you, the people will chose and your voters’ card is the weapon you need to do this.
“I want to assure you that adequate security would be provided on the day of election. So do not be afraid when you see heavy presence of policemen, soldiers and other security apparatus here in Ondo State, they have come to protect you from those who want to foment trouble and hijack your popular wish. On October 20, it is going to be one man, one vote.
“You should be proud of Dr Olusegun Mimiko because you are lucky to have him as your Governor in Ondo State, vote for him to continue his good work. After here, we will need him somewhere else,” Nwanyawu enjoined the people.

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