An industrial park or estate, is an area zoned or planned for industrial development.

It is usually located on the edge or outside main residential areas and provided with adequate infrastructure as good roads, effective transportation access, as rail, road, and sea facilities to boost production and transportation ion of goods produced. Adequate water supply is also made available to meet the park’s demand and for firefighting when the need arises.

A regular supply of electricity is also assured in the park, as inadequate electricity, like other infrastructure, would increase expenses on alternative sources of energy as generators.

 Ore industrial park, a public-private partnership initiative between Hessmac Industry Limited and Ondo State Government, was moulded along identified infrastructure and benefits.

It is an integral industrial city offering quality service and an enabling business environment stimulated with ultra-modern facilities and infrastructure.

 It is strategically positioned to become one of the nation’s best industrial zones.

The 1,000 hectares (10,000,000 square-meter) facility, is a joint venture development designed as a global standard industrial park with mixed-use development encompassing industrial purposes, as well as residential and commercial uses, to meet the increasing demand for a cost-competitive industrial zone in Nigeria.

The park has its own installed 30MW Gas Power Plant with gas supply, planned recreational areas with other facilities.

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