The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state has cried out that its rivals are ganging up negatively against it, as the election closes in.

The party believes they are jittery it would beat them silly,  hence their connivance to organize violence, thuggery and other forms of ungodly acts.

 Publicity Secretary of the party in the state,  Alex Kalejaiye, , made the allegation in a statement in Akure.

“The unholy alliance is informed by the fact that the political parties perceive APC as a common enemy because they are jittery over the rising profile of the ruling APC, on account of its performance. To achieve this, it was further gathered, the parties are to lay at the doorstep of the ruling party all forms of violence and acts of thuggery that will be carried out by their sponsored agents “.

“As a responsible and responsive political organisation, the APC appreciates and it is committed to peaceful campaigns and rancor-free gubernatorial election. The party abhors anything that can inflict pains on the good people of the state. “

He urged security agencies in the state to be vigilant and ensure that perpetrators of any form of destructive acts, and violations of positive conduct were handled with all seriousness.

According to him, APC encourages other political parties to tow the path of peace, and caution their members to discard an untoward attitude of hooliganism and recklessness in their operations.

 Political leaders, the party said, will do well to avoid making inflammatory statements that are capable of spurring their followers in unjustifiable and uncivilised actions. “

“The best way to win over the electorate is to sell programmes of various parties, convince them of ability to deliver on campaign promises, and appeal for their understanding and support.”

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