Just before masses get entangled and entrapped in the coming election, this view must be stated here, though Goebbels are still going to contradict it based on Rightish they are.

 Let me expatriate here that, everything carrying out in Ondo South are Relics and doesn’t portray masses interest.

From the empowerment carrying out and over hyping 92 aides by our current Senator,  everything is a well calculated attempt to control the ideology of people because none favor masses directly but few party members and aides.

 I was surprised to see ilutitun street solar, which appears only in a single street but was hyped by media aides as if it is used to power their house.

Imagine millions they will allocate to it.

Erinje town hall has been constructed halfway before the intervention and till now not yet completed.

During Covid 19   no palliative and I was amazed to see it online that my Senator distributed 20k to 200 Muslims for sallah celebration.

 To Muslims or to aides and party faithfuls.

How did they select them?

This is the highest stain to the image of the Senate.

Everything being shared by him are only enjoyed by his party faithfuls and not Ondo South people.

 One of the things Ondo South can enjoy from him is our long awaited light but Goebbels are busy saying their master has tried enough and should be praised , even though the light has not been enjoyed by the people.

  We have been calling on our Senator to grant students bursary and scholarships but he declined.

He has been busy patronizing media for awareness, forgetting that there are just few people are on social media.

The real voters are in town waiting for him, lies may go on for long but truth will come out in the end.

 My candid advise for my Senator is to go to the likes of REP Adeogun and BTO to learn what true  Representation is all about.

 From now till our Senator admits his responsibility,I will keep pen down on his shortcomings.

 You cannot neglect students and claim you are doing well.


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