Who is Wale Adeleye
I am Oluwaseun Adeleye, Chief Operating Officer / Technical Director, BP Vision Ltd, an entertainment outfit.

BP Vision
It is an entertainment outfit dedicated to setting new standards within the entertainment industry. We aim at getting every body back to the roots in the way things ought to be done. BP Vision started off its operation since 2003 and was fully registered in 2006.

Family background
I am from Iju Ita Ogbolu in Ondo State. I guess that is around where they call Akure North.

Educational background
I was born in Ibadan and attended Akinyele Primary School. When my mum moved to Abeokuta, I attended O. U. S. in Abeokuta before I came to Lagos , where I rounded off my primary education at Ifako International school. I also attended three secondary schools. First, it was Lagos African Church Grammar School, Agege, then Jubilee College ( a private school) and lastly, Eko Boys High School. I went for a Diploma programme at the Lagos University University (LASU) , in Language and Communication Arts in 2000.

Present calling
I am an entertainment consultant a Play Wright, Play Director, Actor, Light Director, T. V. Director and Cinematographer. I started acting since 1994 from the church. I got involved with the Nigerian National Troupe and during that period, I acted, danced and wrote scripts and directed them. Some of my plays have been staged at the National Arts Theatre and Muson Centre here in Lagos. I consult for churches in setting up multimedia , which includes lighting, video, screen etc, to enhance their programmes. I direct lights for events as well. We deliver what our clients want professionally. Recently, my company decided to our own stage play at the Muson Centre.s We featured celebrities as O. C. Okeje, Yemi Blaq, Kemi Akindoju and a host of others. I was the Technical Director for the play.

Horning of skills
Like I said earlier, everything started from the church. God bless the pastors who set up the youth ministry. Then it was like a talent hunt. They called us to do what we liked. Thereafter, the interest grew and coupled with a lot of inspirational talks and books that made me realize that whatever dreams you have, you should learn to develop them. I started working on those things the way they had been done abroad, and braced up my talent by reading books. While God is the giver of all things, human beings are expected to oil gifts given by him by reading books , practicing and hanging around people with like minds.

Major Achievements
The whole move of dance in Nigeria, we started it. My team and I, way back in 1997, before the Spirit of David (SOD) of this world, some of our members are still with SOD. At Daystar church I attend, we started the proper broadcast presentation for the church by ensuring that the multimedia thing is being done properly at the church. Another major achievements was the successful organizing of the first ever Celebrity Novelty match ( football) in Nigeria, with my partner, Asur Ume in year 2007. The A list of celebrities include Kwame, Labi, Kween, Kofi, Owen Gee, Steve and a host of othersIt was a five a side football match and the purpose was to raise funds for the SOS Children’s Village.

Views on Ondo State
First of all, Ondo State is very peaceful. I was able to access my way in and out, somewhere I had not been for a long time. The people there are cordial, you feel love and people flow with themselves.

What is Missing
The state has bitumen which can place it on world spot light. I know cocoa is there as well but if they can focus on the bitumen , as in setting up factories for it, and with proper marketing, it will certainly turn the state and Nigeria for good and Nigeria will be at the beck and call of Ondo State. Furthermore, Ondo State should embrace entertainment because it is one of the key things making Lagos State flourish. Right now, entertainment is making Nigeria popular through such people as Asa, Dbang, Lagbaja.s If people like Yemi Blaq, myself and others from Ondo State will set up a reality show, it will go a long way in boosting the image of the state. But then, we will need corporate Nigeria for support and endorsement from the State Government will go a long way in getting the corporate world to support us.

Advice for Ondo state indigenes
Wherever you are, make that place work. We should all come home to make things work, as we can’t leave everything to government alone. We all must contribute to the development of our dear state. Ondo State can only be the best , when we all try our best and sell ideas to government and perform our civic duties as paying our taxes etc. The Governor and his aides must also be accessible to the people for them to be inspired to put in their best.

Assess Ekimogun Searchlight
Well, I came across Ekimogun Searchlight, read it and found it interesting . I mentioned it to some friends.

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