The claim by the human rights lawyer, Ebun Olu Adegoruwa, that he has been receiving several threats after the submission of the report by the Judiciary panel on #Endsars. He accused the government of intimidation, and he said people should hold the government responsible if anything happens to him.

Many people may say he must be overeating, but if there is no smoke, there won’t be a fire. Why is he saying all this after the submission of the panel report to the Lagos State Government? The report indicted both the Military and the Police force. If we look at the report closely, you will concur that the government will not be happy with something like that.

Mr. Adegoruwa is a persistent critic of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. You will recall that he was once arrested by the EFCC over a fraud accusation and was charged to court, but he claimed that he has been prosecuted due to his relentless criticism of President Buhari’s government. He was among the panel representing the civil society with one other lawyer.

Mr. Adegoruwa reported that the same Lagos state government that gave them free hand to work now began to find discrepancies in the report through their counsel after the submission of the report. If the panel had reported that it was hoodlums that shot the protesters at the Lekki tollgate, there would be no need to belittle Mr. Ebun Olu Adegoruwa’s several absences at the panel. They also pointed out errors in the leaked version of the report online, which the human rights lawyer dismissed their claim.

I sense some level of intimidation here, and some people might not be happy with the way the report went. Everybody wants to see the action the Lagos State government and the federal government will take after the conclusion of the panel of inquiry. The International community has also stated that they are waiting patiently for the following up of the report by the government.

You may recall that the US Secretary of State, Mr. Anthony Blinken, visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the Villa, and he made his mind known about the report to the President. This has shown how pressure has heightened on the government to do what is necessary. One could easily depict the Lagos-based human rights lawyer’s claim as what we should not disregard.

Furthermore, the state and federal governments must not allow this report to be swept under the carpet. There should be proactive measures taken by the government to chastise anyone found guilty.

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