The recent creation of the Ministry of Solid Minerals by the Buhari administration, should be jubilation for Ondo State and the nation in general.

Mineral deposit in the state , is said to be one of the largest globally and this means that if adequately developed, will bring in much revenue to the state and the nation.

It is unfortunate that a few years back, the Federal Government created a similar Ministry of Solid Minerals and this translated to a lot of activities on bitumen development.

One legacy of such, is the bitumen development office visible along Ore – Ondo road. This brought much excitement to the state , as it was believed that further prosperity was around the corner.

However, nothing has been heard and the Ore office has seen no human activities for years, neither has government made any comments on bitumen development, as that of agriculture, which is being applauded by all.

It is further disappointing that neither the media nor NGOs really put pressure on government for concrete action, other than just continuous mention that something had to be done as the solid minerals sector had much potentials for development.

The time is now for both the state government, individuals and corporate individuals in the state, to wake up to the development of bitumen and other mineral deposits God Almighty has endowed us with , in the state.

Oba Akinrutan and his prosperous Obat Oil, should take the initiative. The citizenry look on him and cohorts to seize the initiative as one of the leaders in the oil and gas sector in the state.

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