Vice Admiral Akin Aduwo Visits Ondo Artist Impressio Dejak, Bares His Mind On Development In Ondo State Socials

– The only thing constant in Ondo State are the names of Governors and Administrators
– I think God was not in a good mood when he created this land.
– What Dejak is doing for arts is a miracle

Former Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Akin Aduwo has spoken of developments in his native Ondo State. The septuagenarian who interacted with Ekimogun Searchlight when he visited Dejo Akinlonu aka Dejak, at his Seven Up gallery, on the bust of his late father Dejak was working on, expressed displeasure on the slow pace of development in the state over the years. “ Well, its been years of stop and go, match and hold and this has retarded our progress. The military didn’t do better and for the politicians, it has been politics of bitterness. This one is not in our party and what he left is not appreciated. This has left many uncompleted projects and money wasted on projects that would have benefitted the people. That’s why we are where we are today. When Bode George was the Governor of Ondo State many years ago, he used to say Ondo State has no reason, no excuse to be poor. Some how, we are here, what was looking good yesterday, is of no significance.
The Vice Admiral who was visibly disturbed by the present state of development in the state he cherishes, said sadly , that the only thing constant in the state, are the names of Governors and Administrators. “ The only thing that has been constant are the names of the Governors and Administrators. Michael Ajasin, Mike Akhigbe, Michael Bamidele Olumilua, Olusegun Agagu, Olusegun Mimiko . Maybe the next one will be another Michael. That’s the fortune of Ondo State”.
Describing himself as a pessimist because of his dissatisfaction with the way things are in the state, he said, “ I am a pessimist but for the sake of our children and grand children, I hope I will be proved wrong. It is not only Ondo State but the whole country. I think God was not in a good mood when he created this land. Its sad we are suffering in the midst of plenty. As things are going, I really don’t know”. Resorting to God as a way out of the despondent state of things in Ondo State, Vice admiral Aduwo stated remorsefully. “ I will remain prayerful and try to be optimistic but really, I don’t know. We pray God will help us. He has helped us enough but we are not appreciative enough, we are not grateful. I don’t know how it will end but we will continue to pray for God’s patience”.
On Dejak and arts, The Vice Admiral said he is not an admirer of arts but appreciates good art pieces and even buys such. “ I am not an admirer of arts as such but I admire good works and any one that attracts me, I buy ”.
How did he meet Dejak, the arts impresario. “ Curiosity attracted me to him. No one recommended him. I was looking for someone to do my late father’s bust and saw one shop along the road but when I went there, what I saw did not match what I was looking for. I had been seeing this place for long, while passing by and out of the same curiosity, I came in through that door and he was around and welcomed me. It was when I wanted to use the toilet, that I came here”. What has been his impression. “ what I have seen here , is nothing but a miracle. I got swept along. I am short of words to describe him and what I can see here. He is a man with initiatives. He is not one of those who copy and copy. He is original and very creative. He is a pride to this country”.

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