The Supreme Court minority judgment on Ondo governorship election which agreed with the argument that His Excellency Mai Bala Buni is legally unqualified to act as National Chairman of the Party should be a wake-up call to the All Progressive Party.

Jegede and PDP had in their case, queried the legal validity of Akeredolu’s nomination by the national Caretaker Committee of the APC headed by the Governor of Yobe State, Mai Mal Buni. The Appellants urged the court to determine whether signing of such nomination form by Buni did not amount to a gross violation of the 1999 Constitution, as amended. The apex court, in a split decision of four-to-three, the Supreme Court rejected Jegede’s appeal, but the dissenting minority verdict upheld his appeal.

By the Supreme Court minority judgment, APC run a risk of having all actions so far taken by the Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee nullified and that would be one of the worst blows to the Party, as it risks having its candidates in ongoing and forthcoming elections disqualified on procedural grounds.

This observation by the Supreme Court Justices should send a dangerous signal to all concerned Party leaders and members. To get itself out of this potentially difficult situation, the Party needs to do one or all of the following;

1. Immediately convene a National Executive Council meeting of the Party, without Buni presiding and appointing a new acting National Chairman, who will in not more than three months from now, conduct a national convention, where substantive officials of the Party will be elected.

2. Withdraw all pending communications with the Independent National Electoral Commission where Buni’s signature appeared as the National Chairman.

3. Send new communications to the Commission to be signed by a Chairman that is unencumbered by such Constitutional provisions as affects Governor Buni.


4. Fast-track the conduct of Party congresses without Buni or any other serving governor or elected or appointed government official serving on interim NWC.

5. Take further strategic steps to better situate the leadership of the Party in consonance with both the provisions of the Party’s Constitution and the Nigerian Constitution.

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