Research has shown that youths in the state constitute 60 Percent of the state’s population and would determine by their votes who governs the state at the October 10 governorship election.

The  European Centre for Electoral Support, disclosed that from the research it carried out, the future of the state rests on the youths and urged them to use their demographics wisely.

Speaking at a training programme in partnership with the Independent National Electoral Commission in Akure, Senior Project Officer of the group, Mr Sylvestre Somo, enjoined the youths to shun electoral violence and avoid being manipulated by politicians to cause trouble during the poll.

 “Let the youth stop being manipulated and play a positive role because it is our state and our election. We should help to put the right leaders in key positions. It is a great call on the young people of Ondo State to go out and vote but not to be a tool of manipulation that politicians can readily use for their own interest”.

“Why should anyone die or kill himself because of any election. If we pretend to be in a democracy, it should be a respect of choices for the majority. If you go to vote and your candidate is not declared winner, just accept the outcome of the majority and our youths must know this.”

The group canvassed for a change in the attitudinal disposition of young people, as well as being engaged in the decision making of their country. “ If young people are left outside the decision of their country, then we would begin to ask what is the fate of our nation. Democracy is the power of the people, for people and by the people. This is why African youths must change positively and participate in politics.”

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