Organized Labour in the state after a dead locked meeting with the State Government team led by the Head of Service, Dare Aragbaiye, resolved :

“That, payment of the 50 per cent balance of November 2020 salary is non-negotiable.

“That, the offer of government to “look inward” in the bid to get more money for the payment of “something” for December 2020 was welcomed.

“That, the payment of both the November 50 per cent balance and “certain percentage” for December 2020 salary by next week was also agreed to as “number two of something is better than number one of nothing”

“That, we appeal to our members and appreciate their endurance and patience till next week when salaries will be paid according to the state government.

“Finally, we wish to restate our commitment and allegiance to the welfare of our members. These are trying times that we shall surely overcome.”

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