Dr Keziah Awosika from the popular family in Ondo Town, has clocked the glorious age of 80.

In celebrating this woman of honour, a surprise party was organized in her honour by select  Civil Society Organisations ( CSOs).

She was eulogized as a passionate giver,  loving and God fearing personality,  a charming mentor, an amazing, reliable counsellor,  among other beautiful qualities.

The seasoned economist, researcher, banker and leading women’s rights activist, Dr Keziah Awosika,  was one of the notable women who laid the foundation for women’s rights activism in Nigeria.

Among other feats, she was one of the few instrumental to the mobilization of women for participation in the democratic process in 1993, an effort that culminated in the election of 15 women at the national assembly for the first time in the nation’s history.

She also played a major role in the formulation and eventual ratification of the National Policy on Women (1999) by then President Olusegun Obasanjo; an instrument which later became the National Gender Policy in 2005.

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