The question above generated after much debate on anticipation by ondo southerner to decide who to blame, curse stone and finally shown the way out in the next election.

In ondo north, even though people are complaining about their main representative which is Senator Borroffice Ajayi, still many people are still happy silently due to some of his undisclosed Constituency project, people are anxious to know why Senator Nicholas Tofowomo – SNT is yet to come out and show any projects initiate and complete by ondo southerner senator.

Some week ago , Rep Ade Adeogun brought 400 indigent people out of extremely poverty and sorry state by gave them scholarship in one private college of education , commendable and worth hailing by all and sundry.

The three Representative from ondo south are yet to show us their promised manifesto, Hon Akinfolarin Mayowa known to be the best out of the trio due his tirelessly work to bring light to all the book and cranny of his Constituency, presently many village are using electricity in odigbo/Ile oluji okeigbo federal Constituency.

Hon. Gboluga IkengbojuHon. Gboluga Ikengboju on his own is yet to come clear on his agenda due to his zigzag representative, his cake Empowerment, 79 Free jamb registration and few undisclosed thing are his unpopular achievement.

Hon Victor kolade Akinjo on his own is being know to cry for Niger Delta gift from federal government and nothing more!.

Comparison: only hon Akinfolarin Mayowa show any interest in powering ondo south with his little effort, GBOLUGA, Victor and Tofowomo Effort has not been made clear to Constituent on electricity issue.

Observation: since Ade Adeogun is not from heaven and not in another chamber but same in the same Nigeria chamber, all the 4 representative have no excuse whatsoever to deny their Constituent the right to Education, light and other social amenities.

Conclusion: who are we going to blame now? Listen to Tofowomo Excuse? Ignore the other representative?

This is a question been thrown to all ondo south Constituent to decide who to blame so that we can all join hand to cry to him!.

Culled front Facebook page of Ogbeni Dele Giwa

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