The book of Aluta chapter 8 vs 19 says “thou shall protest, after that dialogue”.

20: traitors shall come,be yea not distracted for your light shall come.

21: “thou shall not relent, neither shall ye surrender on your agitations, seek peace and ye shall receive it.”

It is on this that we attended a meeting with the management of BEDC in Ondo City at the area command office, Yaba today.

We, again, presented our agitations, it was brief and precise:

1. Improve on supply of power

2. Even and fair distribution of prepaid meters

3. Eradication of crazy bills

4. Reasonable reduction in March bill. (Ondo was in total blackout for two weeks in March.)

After several deliberations, the management of BEDC, Ondo through the Business manager said:

1. as we have witnessed in the last few days, power supply was reasonable and impressive, they will improve on it and supply will be 8hours per day, they will improve on this as time goes on.(all things been equal).

“There are limitations presently but they are been taken care of.”

2. Distribution of prepaid meters will be fair. It will definitely get consumers on 11kva (consumers that have low supply of power). It’s just a matter of time.

They pleaded for patience.

3. There is a platform to regulate exorbitant bills now, any consumer that feels he’s overbilled should write the BEDC management to complain. They will be refunded. (U can scan a copy of your bill to, we will help you to prepare and forward the letter. No attached fee please)

4. Consumers will reasonable reduction on March bill. If there is any complain on this complains should be forwarded as above.

We seized the opportunity to complain about the transformers we have in Okeayadi, Lotogbe and Odo Ayo community. These transformers have been there for a long time and BEDC have refused to connect it.

Response: Steps will be taken on the reasons why they were not connected till now, and they will do everything possible to correct that. The meeting ended in peace and we prayed that God will give them the grace to fulfill these pro

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