I appreciate everybody here. The social media is a  veritable tool for the expression of our thoughts and concerns on social, cultural and political issues. Through this,  our activities either good or bad are properly monitored across the globe. Therefore, it’s pertinent for one to be moderate, thoughtful and conscientious in our debate and even choice of words.

This is necessary because we are brothers of different mothers.  It is unwise for anyone to expect that we should all reason along the same line. In  other words, it’s axiomatic as humans to view things differently but our debate should be  based on the truth embedded with facts that are incontrovertible.

Against this backdrop, debate whether Hon. Kolade Akinjo is re-elected or not should be devoid of sentiment or dichotomy but competency and pedigree. His record of achievements are visible to the blind, audible to the deaf and impactful to all.

If capacity is the ability and power to do or understand something, then a capacity leader is a person who assists his or her organization in accomplishing a greater scope of outcomes that align with the mission of the organization.

Hon Kolade Akinjo is a blessing from God to Ilaje and Ese-odo Federal Constituency of Ondo State.

A man may be a good politician but if he has not contested in an election, he must not equate himself with a man who has contested on several occasions and emerged victoriously.

Hon Akinjo Kolade Victor  has contested several times and he understands the game!  He’ll be a thorn in the flesh of the other political parties.

This belief is hinged on the simple fact that the Ilaje and Ese-odo federal constituency is one of  the fortresses of PDP in Ondo State.

 We also need a seasoned politician who understands how to win elections.  Above all, we need a candidate who has the financial muscle to wrestle with the government in power.

 Having observed the above reasons, I have no doubt, that of all the aspirants in the race, it’s only Hon. Akinjo Victor Kolade,  the MHR representing Ilaje /Ese-Odo Federal Constituency, that can coast home to victory effortlessly in the forthcoming election in ilaje and Ese-odo federal constituency. The APC leaders know this and they’re scared and jittery over Akinjo candidacy.

He has contested as an opposition and won on several occasions.

As a ranking member of the National Assembly,  he has needed connections and the influence that will earn him the resources to utilize unlike others.

Our party leaders must have only the victory of our party at heart so that they do only those things that will enhance the victory that we desire.

I was in a group of elderly people who confessed that, in all their days, in their political struggles, they have not witnessed a direct impact of the activities of a legislator on the people. If this is so, what makes for this unique difference? It is because we are lucky to have a vibrant kindhearted man in Ilaje and Ese-odo federal constituency. By the time we start to outline and highlight his achievements that he’s reluctant to make noise about, our people will become aware of the reasons why, in our patriotism, we are agitating for him to be rẹ-elected as our representative in 10th assembly.

I challenge anyone that has a record of better performance than what we currently enjoy to come forward to prove it to the whole world.





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